What to choose, how much to choose, when to choose, with Cheesemakers of Canterbury

Why a wedding cheesecake?
Firstly because you like cheese. Secondly because you know your friends and family like cheese, and thirdly because cheeses are beautiful, honest, generous, and lift the spirits. An elegant tower of harmonious notes. Deep Cheddars; mellow, spicy blues; rich, creamy soft cheeses; a piquant goat. Something to remind you of family and favourite places: from Wales, Ireland, Scotland, from the rolling hills of Dorset, or the lanes of East Kent, there is always something personal that you and your guests can recognize.
It looks good;,it can last through to those hungry moments at the evening dance, and is easily cut and served by your caterers. And you don’t need that much! Caterers reckon on 80-100g per person. That may not sound enough, but take into account those who will only peck, and those (children) too excited to hang around for the cheese, and it does work. Remember, in 1939 the cheese ration was cut to 28g per person – per week.
So, if there are 100 of you, that’s 10kg. Divide that up into ascending layers and it works out at something like 4kg base layer, 3kg second layer, 2 kg third, and 1kg fourth. Which cheeses? Most people play safe with the bottom, and biggest layer, usually cheddar, though this is not actually a legal requirement. It is best, however, to have a hard cheese to take the weight of those above.
The second layer should be a contrasting flavour, and texture. Blues come in all strengths, and are usually smaller in diameter than Cheddars, which helps. Or try a crumbly regional like Lancashire Cheshire, or Caerphilly. Then something creamy, in the Brie style, or perhaps a plump, soft rind-washed cheese. And finally the fairy on the top, something a bit different, a goat or ewe’s cheese perhaps?
Just one word of caution. These are handmade, artisanal cheeses, so sizes can vary a little from batch to batch. Which means gettimng weights right to the last gram can be a problem. But we do get pretty close!
Call and fix a time to come in and taste and look at all the cheeses. What tastes right, what looks right, what alternatives are possible? Maybe a mini blue cheese on the top, and a cheese with special personal meaning on the second?
Put aside an hour to graze your way through the possibilities. And if there is something you want that we don’t have, we can get it for you. Take photos, go back and talk to your caterer. Take your time. Like the idea of a big display but catering for a smaller party? Do it with mirrors. Buy half cheeses and have them set against a mirror to give the appearance of whole cheeses. Vegetarian guests? Almost all our cheeses are made with vegetarian rennet, so no problem.
Timing? We like two weeks’ notice to make absolutely sure we will have the cheeses ready and waiting at the best time for you to collect. Decoration: cheeses are subtly coloured, so go for equally delicate colour schemes. Wild flowers and brackens are natural matches, hot house exotics less so. A bespoke cheese? Given suffient warning we can make our own cheeses in different sizes and shapes. Just ask.
Call George Ward of Cheesemkers of Canterbury on 07811 831041 to arrange a visit.