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£8 beyond Canterbury
£10 far flung (Margate, Dover, Ashford)

To order:

  1. Please email your entire shopping list to restaurant@thegoodsshed.co.uk
  2. Include your delivery address and phone number.
  3. We will call you to take payment and confirm your order. Please note this may be from ‘no caller ID’.

Please notify us of any allergies when you place your order.

Once confirmed, we aim to deliver within 48 hours.

Note: Due to the current volatility of supply chains, small price fluctuations are possible. If that’s the case, we’ll let you know before we take payment.

The Goods Shed basics and creatives

Dockers house sourdough – £3.80
Dockers seeded sourdough – £3.90
Dockers malted sourdough – £3.90
Dockers sourdough baguette – £1.70
Self raising flour – 1.5kg bag £2
T-45 Plain flour – £1.50/kg
T-55 Bread flour – £1.75/kg
00 Pasta flour – £2.50/kg
Ground semolina – £2.95/kg
Live yeast – 42g £1
Sugar – 2kg bag £3
Demarara sugar – loose £2.90/kg
Clipper tea – £3.90
Clipper organic instant coffee – £4.99
Coldbrew espresso blend beans – £21/kg
Chocolate callets 64% cacao – loose £16/kg
All the spices (loose) – £2-3/100g

Butter (salted/unsalted) – £2.20

Penne – 500g bag £1.80
Linguinie – 500g bag £2.25

Dried products from the scoop bins:
Barley Flakes
Black Carlin Peas
Brown Basmati Rice
White Basmati Rice
Camelina Seeds
Couscous £3/kg
Fava beans
Green lentils
Pearl Barley
Puy lentils £4.20/kg
Red lentils
Kidney Beans £4.20/kg

Tinned tomatoes – £1.20
Tomato Purée – £1.80
Passata – £1.80

White wine vinegar £3/litre
Sunflower oil – 5 litres £12

Rafa’s homemade pork pie £3.75 a slice
Duck confit terrine with gherkins and pickled prunes £4
Potted Shrimp £4
Rafa’s rhubarb tart £3.50 a slice
Rafa’s spanish omlette £2.20 a quarter
Salt cod brandade £3.50
Duck liver parfait £3.50

Pickled asparagus £4 a tub
Sweet picked rhubarb £2/100g
Homemade hummus £2.50/200g

Thom Eagle’s Spring green garlic and ginger kimchi £1.50/100g
Thom Eagle’s red cabbage and fennel sauerkraut £1.50/100g
Thom Eagle’s Brawn £4 a pack
Thom Eagle’s homemade salami £26/kg

Meals from the restaurant
Braised shoulder of Lamb with seasonal vegetables – £12.50
Chicken, cream & spring veg – £9.50
Fish stew – £9.50
Sausage, lentils – £6.50
Chowder – £9
Mushroom + celeriac – £6.50
Rafa’s steak and kidney pie – £9
Mackerel escabeche £6.50
Fish curry – £9

Barbecue box for 2 from £38
Please email to discuss options

Soft Drinks
Charingtons apple juice (cox or russet) 750ml – £2.20
Biddendens pear juice 1L – £3
Kingsdown still / sparkling mineral water 750ml – £1.20
Mighty Fine Things Raspberry ACV Shrub Cordial (just add sparkling water) – 500ml £13.80
Homemade elderflower cordial £3.95
Homemade rhubarb shrub £8.50 (delicious with sparkling water)

Bottle of House Red – £9.50
Bottle of House White – £9.50
Ortega (white), Biddenden Vineyards, Kent 2017 11% – £15

Oxney Brut Classic Organic – East Sussex 12% – £34
Gusbourne Brut Reserve – 12% bottle – £36

Kentish Ales and Ciders
Hop Deamon Green Deamon Ale 500ml – £2.80
Hop Deamon Skrimshander IPA 500ml – £2.90
Dockers DFL 330ml can 5% – £3
Dockers Flatten The Curve 330ml can 6.1% – £3.20
No 3. Premium Pale Ale – 500ml 5% – £3.30
Dogbolter Porter – 500ml 5.6% – £3.80
Turners Dry Cider – 500ml 7% – £3.30
Wise Owl Sparkling Cider – 500ml 6% – £3.30
Charringtons Private Bin Cider – 330ml – £2.80

Veg Stall

Seasonal veg from our local farms collected every day

Eggs £1.40/£1.70 half doz
Duck Eggs £3 half doz
Potatoes 90p/k
New season potatoes £1.50/k
Onions white £1.05/k
Onions red £2.10/kg
Shallots £3.05/kg
Garlic 80p
Organic spring garlic bunch £2
Spring onions £1.20
Bunch beetroot £1.80
Beetroot £2/k
Carrots £1.60/bunch
Cauliflower £1.50
Sweetcorn 50p a husk
Sun spot squash £1.20
Small green squash 80p
Pumpkin £1.80
Large pumpkin £3.00
Mushrooms closed £9.45/k
Mushrooms flat £10.50/k

Aubergines £3.90/kg
Courgette £3/kg
Piccolo courgette £1.80/kg
Patty Pans £1.80/kg
Marrows 90p each
Green peppers £3.80/kg
Romano peppers £3.60/kg
Chillies £1.50/100g
Fennel £1.50 each
Round tomatoes £2.25/kg
Tomatillos £8.50/kg
Celery £1.35
Plum tomatoes on the vine £5/kg
Tomatoes on the vine £4.50/kg

Lettuce £1.10
Bags of fresh herbs £1
Salad Bags £1.65/k
Spinach £2 a bag
Chard up to £6.50/k loose, or organic 200g bags £1.60-£2
Kale £5/k
Mustard Leaf £1.70
Radishes £1.80

Spray free from Walmestone:
Peppers £3.60/kg
San Marzano Tomatoes £3.80/kg
Beef Tom’s £3.80/kg
Round Tom’s £2.25/kg
Cherry tomatoes £1.80 a punnet

Foragers wild salad bags 50g £3.90

Apples £1.90/k
Blackberries £1.5 punnet
Gooseberries 250g punnet £3
Plums £3/kg
Pears £1.90/kg
Raspberries £2.20 a punnet
Strawberries £2.80 435g punnet

Cobnuts £8/kg


100% local meat all products homemade by our whole carcass butchery, we have 4 butchers on site so any other cut is possible


Whole / Half £8.25 /kg
Breasts £19 /kg
Leg £10 /kg
Wings £5 /kg
Livers £5.50 /kg
Heart/Necks 4.5/3 /kg


Mince £8.50 /kg
Burgers 95p each
Topside Roast Joint £12.50 /kg
Silverside roast joint £11.50 /kg
Salmon cut roast joint £12 /kg
Fillet £40 /kg
Ribeye £32 /kg
Sirloin £28 /kg
Rump £22 /kg
Frying / minute steaks £13.50 /kg
Brisket £9 /kg
Braising & Stew Steak £12 /kg
Chuck steak £12.50 /kg
Beef liver £5.50 /kg
Boerewors £10.50 /kg


Mince £6.50 /kg
Chops £8.50 /kg
Fillet £12 /kg
Rump Steak £8.50 /kg
Loin Steaks £10.50 /kg
Shoulder steaks £8.50 /kg
Boneless Leg Joint £8 /kg
Shoulder joint rolled £8 /kg
Belly £8 /kg
Sausages £8.25 /kg
Garlic & chive sausages £8.25 /kg
Bacon £14 /kg
Salame £26 /kg
Faggots 3 for £5


Mince £10.50 /kg
Leg £12.50 /kg
Shoulder £10.50 /kg
Shoulder fillets £16 /kg
Bonless diced shoulder £15 /kg
Cutlets £18 /kg
Chops £16 /kg
Rump Steaks £16 /kg
Leg steaks £16 /kg
Merguez sausages £12 /kg
Lamb burger 95p each
Stewing bone in £6 /kg
Neck scrag end £8 /kg
Lamb Liver £5.50 /kg
Heart £4.50 /kg
Kidney 40p each


Breasts £24 /kg
Legs £14 /kg
Wings £6 /kg
Carcass £1 /kg


Can be scaled, filleted etc to your needs


Rope Mussles loose £6.50kg
Rope Mussles 2kg £12.00
Fresh Hand-picked Dressed Crab £6.50 each/2=£12
Peeled Brown Shrimps 100g £5.00
Raw King Prawns 65p each
Rock Oysters £1.25 each

Smoked Fish

Natural Smoked Haddock fillets/Home £16.99kg
Manx/Home Smoked Kippers £11.99kg
Whole Hot Smoked Mackerel £16.99kg
Smoked Salmon 200g £8.00
Home Smoked Trout 200g £8.00 (when avalible)

Fresh Fish

Fillets can be cut to size required. Whole fish can be filleted or cleaned.
Please specify preference

Fresh Squid/Calamari £17.99kg cleaned
Fresh Cod Fillet Boneless £17.99kg
Fresh Haddock Fillet Boneless £14.99kg
Fresh Hake Fillets £20.99kg

Superior Salmon Fillets £22.99kg
Chalk Stream Trout Fillets £22.99kg
Mackerel £8.99kg
Local Dover Soles £17.99kg size 120g-350g skinned?
Large local Dover soles £22.80kg when available

King Scallops £39.99kg
Octopus £11.50g
Monkfish £23.99kg
Seabream 500g aprox £5.50 each 2 for £10

Local Gurnards £8.99kg
Local Wild Seabass 1kg+ £17.99kg
Local Wild Seabass Fillets £35kg
Red Mullet £14.99kg
Local Cuttlefish £8.99kg

Local Plaice or Dabs (Small) £4.99kg
Local Turbot/Brill £19.99kg
Lemon Sole £13.99kg
Local Skate Wings £9.99kg
Skinless/boneless Fishpie mix £14.99
Cod, Haddock, smoked fish and salmon diced

Enzos Bakery

White Bread £3.50
Granary Bread £3.70
Wholemeal Bread £3.60
Spelt Bread £3.50
Rye Bread £3.00


Focaccia £3.50
Sausage roll £1.50
Panini Napoletano Vegetarian and Meat £4.25

Pie with:
mushroom £4.60
spinach £4.60
pork £4.90

Pizza Napoli £3.00
Pizza Pepperoni £3.25
Arancini vegetarian and with Bolognese sauce £3.50
Pizza individual margherita £3.50
Pizza individual pepperoni £3.80
Baked Pasta £4.60


Doughnuts £1.30
Croissant £1.75
Pain au chocolat £2.00
Lemon cake £2.90 per slice gluten free
Chocolate cake £3.10 per slice gluten free
Date and almond £3.10 per slice gluten free
Carrot Cake £3.50 per slice
Cheese cake chocolate £3.50
Cheese cake vanilla £3.50
Baci di dama £0.70
Croccantino £1.10
Pasta di mandorle £0.80
Fingers £0.60
Frollino £1.00
Cannolo £1.10
Coda d’aragosta £1.60


Spaghetti £1.65
Linguini £1.65
Bucatini £1.65
Orechiette £3.50
Paccheri napoletani £3.90
Lasagne £3.90
Passata cannelloni £3.90
Pasata £1.90
Cherry pomodorini £1.80
Arborio rice 1kg £4.60
Farchioni Extra Vergine olive oil cold press £15.50
Kimbo coffee £4.90
Kose coffee £4.60
Red beans 100g £0.90
Borlotti beans 100g £0.90
Cannellini beans 100g £0.90
Chickpeas 100g £0.90

Jonny Sandwich

Homemade brownies £4
Sausage rolls £2
Homemade soup or broth of the week £5
Small Pie £5.50
2 person pie £12
4 person pie £25
8 person pie £35
Homemade tart of the week (vegetarian) feeds 12 £25 or £4.50 a slice

Clive Barlow, Press Wine Services

Core staples, anyone who knows his stock well please do ask as it’s all here!

Sparking Wine

Casa Defra, Lessini Durello DOP, £ 12.00
A just-dry Italian Sparkler from Lessini, a little-known region between Verona and Vicenza. It is very similar to Prosecco but comes at a great price for the quality due to the region’s relative obscurity. Citrus and gently floral aromas lead to a very fresh and zippy palate with crisp green apple and lightly honeyed characters.


Castillo de Moro, Airen Sauvignon Blanc 2019 £ 9.00
This modern, crisp white demonstrates bright citrus characteristics on the nose, while offering deliciously vibrant apple fruit flavours and a zesty twang. A long clean finish with hints of grapefruit.

Palazzo del Mare, Catarratto, Sicily 2019 12% £ 9.50
Tropical peach and pineapple aromas leap out of the glass. These flavours continue onto the palate joined by lovely ripe pear and a lick of acidity to balance the ripe fruit.

Amphorum, Sauvignon Blanc-Viura, Castilla la Mancha, 2018 11.5% – £ 11.50
a fresh light, easy drinking white dry with a touch of citrus and apple

Mont Rocher Viognier, Pays d’Oc, 2018 13% – £ 11.50
A light, apricot scent dry white with a gentle creamy texture and a touch of lemon freshness. A great drinking white and suitable for fish or chicken dishes.

Montsable Chardonnay, Pays d’Oc, 2018 12.5% – £ 12.00
a ripe, rich buttery, peachy and ripe lemon scented wine. It is dry and mouthfilling with a touch of spice. Attractive and satisfying with plenty of character.

Domaine de la Noe, Muscadet Sevre et Maine, 2018 12.5% – £12.00
A bone dry, clean fresh beauty with green apple and mineral notes, super fish and seafood wine.

Patrick Vauvy, Sauvignon de Tourraine 2019 13% – £14.50
Attractively aromatic, rich dry Sauvignon showing the fruit character of fully ripe grapes. Exotic fruits in abundance on the nose and just a hint of mint. On the pallet its fresh and tangy and the finish is fruity and moreish.

Pazo Torrado, Albarino, Rias Baixas, 2019 13% – £ 16.00
An excellent crisp dry white from Galicia with floral and peach sent and a mineral, vibrant palate.

Domaine Fichet, Macon 2018 12.5% – £ 17.00
A light, fruity Chardonnay in the Burgundian style with a perfect balance of concentration, acidity and minerality. Refreshing and quaffable.

Simpsons Gravel Castle Chardonnay, Barham, Kent 2019 – £17.50
The wine has an expressive nose with a fresh, mineral aromatic and some sharp lemon and green apple coming through, attractive and appetising. The palate is bone dry, verging toward the austere but the touches of oatmeal and green apple with a mineral feel bring life and vibrancy. The finish is long and sapid with a pebble-sucking freshness, hints of meal and dairy can be found.

Domaine Pierre Marchand, Les Loges, Pouilly Fumé, organic 13% 2018 – £19.00
A complex, concentrated example of Pouilly Fumé with well balanced, crisp gooseberry and blackcurrant leaf fruit overlaid with hints of citrus and mineral. The finish is elegant and long with hints of flint and ripe apple.


Mont Rocher Rosé, Pays d’Oc, 2018 12.5% – £11.50
a dry, berry scented rosé with a gentle tannic edge and pale hue, refreshing and bright.


Castillo de Moro, Tempranillo Shiraz, Castillo La Mancha 2018 13% – £ 9.00
On the nose it is fresh and elegant with characteristic aromas of cherry and red fruits typical of this variety. Light, harmonic and round on the palate with soft tannins.

Calusari Pinot Noir, Romania 2019 12.5% – £ 10.50
A light, cherry and strawberry scented and fruited wine with gentle tannins and a pleasing nature. This is a good all-round drinking wine with enough about it to partner every-day dishes.

Mont Rocher Carignan, Pays d’Oc 2018 13% – £ 11.50
A juicy red offering blackberry and redcurrant flavours and a silky easy-going palate.

Mont Rocher Malbec, Pay d’Oc, 2018 13% – £11.50
A wine of depth with typical dark plum and liquorice of the grape and some ripe edgy tannins.

Villa Enzo, Montepulciano d’Abruzzo, DOC, 2018 13% £12.50
This purple/ruby coloured wine offers pure, vibrant aromas of red cherry fruit. The satisfying palate is rich with juicy fruit and very approachable, soft tannins.

Gatito Loco, Rioja Joven, organic 2018 14% £ 12.50
A bright fruit-bursting wine that emphasises vineyard over bodega, which discards the hackneyed image of Rioja, everything about this wine is intentionally provocative to challenge your view on what Rioja is. Careful. This kitty has claws. This wine stands out for its red and black fruits and liquorice aromas. Fresh and round with a mulitutude of nuances supporting the black fruit flavours.

deAlto, Rioja Crianza, 2016 13.5% – £ 13.00
Aromatic and intense, lovely aromas of wild red berries, blossom, nutmeg and hints of sandalwood. Fresh, fruity and well balanced with sensations of raspberries, vanilla and cinnamon. A wine with great purity and depth of fruit, gently caressed by oak but never smothered. Textural, well balanced and a great expression of Rioja.

U Passimiento, Sicily, 2018 13.5% – £ 13.00
a wine full of the sun of the Mediterranean delivery prune, blackberry and spice, dry with plenty of ripe fruit.

Chartham Bacchus, Kent 2018 12% – £ 15.90
An award winning Bacchus with floral and citrus notes on a bright , crisp elegant palate; springtime in a bottle.

AltoLandon, Malbec, Manchuela, organic/biodynamic 2018 14% – £ 15.00
The nose is complex with powerful aromas of blackberry and blueberry with, rose, rosemary, violets and floral notes as well as a hint of spice. The palate is nicely concentrated and with fine tannins. The flavours of blueberry, plum and blackberry are big, with hints of bittersweet cocoa and a subtle stimulating flavour of mint and violet, dark cherry, blackberry, red plum, earth, espresso, tobacco, dark chocolate, black pepper, black tea, violet. Very complex.

San Polo, Rubio, Tuscany organic 2017 14% – £ 16.00
This wine opens with intense and persistent aromas of red cherries, violets and blackcurrants, followed by subtle spicy notes. This wine is well-structured and balanced with satisfying tannins and excellent length. The flavours of forest fruits and cherries make Rubio easy to drink, yet still intense and elegant.

Domaine Grand Veneur, Cotes du Rhone 2017 14.5%- £ 17.00
A robust rich red with scents of herbs, spice and raspberry with a rich, powerful palate, long and satisfying.

Chateau Barbe-Blanche, Lussac St Emilion 2015 15% – £ 21.50
A plush, ripe and opulent Merlot driven claret. Terrific depth and richness of the vintage with fine ripe tannins giving great texture. Long and fine finish.


Valdespino. Manzanilla ‘Deliciosa’ Pago de Miraflores ½ btl 15% – £9.50
This fino Manzanilla has a delicate yeasty, bready note on the nose, as well as a hint of flower blossom. On the palate it is very dry, crisp and fresh with a slightly saline finish.

Cheesemakers of Canterbury

Kentish Cheese

**please specify weight or price of portions, for example: Ashmore Farmhouse 200g or Chaucer’s x2**

Ashmore Farmhouse hard cow (£2.30/100g)
Ashmore Ancient hard cow (£2.70/100g)
Ashmore Smoked hard cow (£2.60/100g)
Ashmore Mustard hard (£2.60/100g)
Ashmore Chilli hard cow (£2.60/100g)
Canterbury Cobble semi hard cow (£2.60/100g)
Bowyer’s Brie soft cow (£2.20/100g)
Bowyer’s Brie Smoked soft cow (£2.40/100g)
Chaucers soft cow (£2.20/100g sold each)
Kentish Cowslip Butter (£1.50/100g sold each)
Kelly’s Goat hard goat (£2.90/100g)
Gruff semi hard goat (£3.10/100g)
Ramsey hard sheep (£3.45/100g)
Shawn semi hard sheep (£3.35/100g)
Dargate Dumpy soft sheep (£3.25/100g)
Ellie’s Dairy Goat Button – Plain soft (£2.45/100g sold each)
Ellie’s Dairy Goat Button – Chilli soft (£2.60/100g sold each)
Ellie’s Dairy Goat Button – Herb soft (£2.60/100g sold each)
Shaggy’s Beard soft goat (£3.10/100g sold each)
Kentish Blue cow (£2.50/100g)

British Cheeses

Abondance hard cow (£2.30/100g)
Appleby Red Cheshire hard cow (£2.40/100g)
Black Bomber hard cow (£2.00/100g)
Barkham Blue soft cow (3.20/100g)
Mrs Bell’s Blue soft cow (£2.50/100g)
Cashel Blue soft cow (£2.80/100g)
Caerphilly soft cow (£2.40/100g)
Cote Hill Blue soft cow (£2.50/100g)
Goat Gouda hard goat (£2.80/100g)
Goat Gouda mature hard goat (£3.00/100g)
Golden Cross Log soft goat (£2.90/100g)
Isle of Avalon soft cow (£3.80/100g)
Isle of Mull hard cow (£2.30/100g)
Lincolnshire Poacher hard cow (£2.50/100g)
Montgomery hard cow (£2.40/100g)
Old Winchester hard cow (£2.30/100g)
Oxford Blue soft cow (£2.60/100g)
Red Leicester hard cow (£2.60/100g)
Red Storm hard cow (£2.20/100g)
Ribblesdale Blue soft goat (£3.10/100g)
Rosary Log soft goat (£2.40/100g)
Sharpham Rustic soft cow (£2.30/100g)
Shropshire Blue soft cow (£2.10/100g)
Stilton soft cow (£2.10/100g)
Waterloo soft cow (£2.90/100g)
Wensleydale hard cow (£2.30/100g)
Westcombe hard cow (£2.30/100g)
Wigmore soft sheep (£3.00/100g)
Winterdale Shaw hard cow (£2.30/100g)

Cheesemaker’s Chutneys

Rhubarb Chutney 200g – £2.75
Rhubarb & Apple Chutney 200g – £2.75
Red Onion Marmalade 200g – £2.75
Tomato & Red Pepper Chutney 200g £2.75
Medlar Jelly 220g – £3.25
Quince Jelly 220g – £3.25
Elderberry Jelly 220g – £3.50
Damson Paste 80g £3.00
Spiced Damson Chutney 100g – £1.25
Rosehip Jelly 100g – £1.25

Homemade Jam

**230g Jar £2.50 each**

Strawberry Jam
Raspberry Jam
Apricot Jam
Plum Jam
Rosehip Jelly
Damson Jelly
BlackBerry Jelly

Homemade Chilli Jam

**130g Jar £2.50 each, 230g Jar £4.50 each**

Mild Chilli Jam (Jalapeño)
Hot Chilli Jam (Red Chilli)
Extra Hot Chilli Jam (Yellow Scotch Bonnet)
Chilli Jam Stack of 3 – £6

Homemade Pickles

**All 850ml Jar £4.50 each**

Pickled Onions in Malt Vinegar
Pickled Red Cabbage in Distilled Vinegar (Gluten Free)
Pickled Eggs in Distilled Vinegar (Gluten Free)

Duskins Kentish Apple Juice

** 1 Litre bottles at £3.20 each**

Russet (Sweet)
Golden Delicious (Sweet)
Jonagold (Sweet)
Gala (Medium)
Cox (Medium)
Braeburn (Medium)
Discovery (Medium)
Bramley (Sharp)

Zingiberi Bakery – Crackers

** 120g boxes at £2.50 each**

Captains Crackers – Sea Salt & Black Pepper
Captains Crackers – Chia & Chive
Captains Crackers – Warming Chilli
Captains Crackers – Kentish Ale & Rosemary

Zingiberi Bakery – Biscuits

**6 biscuits in a pack at £3.00 each**

Zingiberi Cookies – Oat & Honey
Zingiberi Cookies – Oat & Raisin
Zingiberi Cookies – Apple & Hazelnut
Zingiberi Cookies – Pecan & Maple Syrup
Zingiberi Cookies – Goji Berry & White Chocolate

Kent Crisps

Kent Crisps – Ashmore Cheese & Onion 40g – £1
Kent Crisps – Ashmore Cheese & Onion 150g – £2.50

**all products subject to stock availability**

From Patriana


Bayonne ham £4.60/100g
Serrano Gran Reserva ham £5.70/100g
Kintoa Basque ham £7.50/100g
Iberico Campo ham £13.50/100g
English cooked ham £2.70/100g
Mountain saucisson £6.00 each
Basque Kintoa saucisson £11.00 each
Rosette £3.60/100g
Jesus saucisson £3.95/100g
Iberico Bellota Salchichon £3.70/100g
Iruna chorizo £3.60/100g
Basque Kintoa chorizo £4/100g
Iberico Bellota chorizo £3.70/100g
Picante chorizo £2.70/100g
Iberico Lomo £5.20/100g
Basque Lomo £4/100g
Basque Coppa £3.70/100g
Ezpeleta chorizo £5.80 each – traditional horse shoe shaped chorizo
Pancetta £2.80/100g (please specify the thickness of the slices or if you just want one whole piece)

Charcuterie selection £7.00 (Contains Coppa, Lomo, saucisson and chorizo)
Charcuterie selection £10 (Contains Coppa, Saucisson, Lomo, Iberico salchichon, Iberico chorizo, Chorizo Picante)


La Reserva – New aged Spanish mixed milk cheese – World Cheese Gold Award £3.60/100g
Manchego Curado £3.00/100g
Manchego semi Curado £2.70/100g
Iberico mixed milk cheese £2.70/100g
Queso de Cabra goats cheese £3.10/100g
Ossau Iraty £3.40/100g
Comté £3.40/100g
Beaufort £3.40/100g
Reblochon £3.10/100g
Bleu d’Auvergne £3.40/100g
Maroille £3.10/100g
Pont L’Eveque £3.40/100g
Crottin £2.90/each – *temporarily out of stock*


Pork Terrine £3.00/100g – *temporarily out of stock*
Basque Pork paté £3.80/jar
Pork paté with Cepe mushrooms £3.90/jar
Basque Black pudding paté £4.00/jar
Pork Rillette £3.40/tin
Duck Rillette £4.10/tin
Wild Boar paté £4.20/jar
Duck Foie Gras £7.50/65g tin £12.50 130g tin


Duck Confits 2 legs £13.00/tin
Duck Confit cassoulet £10.50
Basque pork cassoulet £6.70/400g jar £11.70/750g jar
Cooked Haricot beans with chorizo £6.00/jar
Black fig jam £5.00/jar
Black cherry jam £5.00/jar
Basque fish soup £6.70/jar
Wild Flower Pyrenees honey £6.90/jar
Quince jelly £2.60/jar
Cornichons £3.00/jar
Guindillas £4.95/jar
Piquillo peppers £3.00/jar
Xistorrade chorizo spread £3.50/jar

Murrays store basics and bestsellers

All products are subject to availability and prices possible to change.


Hinxden farm Dairy
Milk Semi-skimmed/whole £1.50 2pt
Double cream £2.20
Crime fraiche £2.20
Natural yoghurt 500ml £2.20


Flavoured and natural £1.75


Feta £3.50
Haloumi £3.95
Alex James cheddar £3.95
Parmesan(price and size varies) 100-150gr
Fresh mozzarella 250gr £6.50
Fresh Burrata £3.75 (delivered Tuesdays)


Netherend salted/unsalted £3.95
Maryland salted £2.95 (When available)
Ampersand cultured butter £4.95 (New in)


Weald smokery:
Salami selection
Sliced home cooked ham
Sliced smoked salmon
Sliced smoked streaky bacon
(All pre priced per kg)


Chorizo iberico 100gr £4.95
Salchichon iberico 100gr £4.95
Iberico Bellota jamon 50gr £10.95
Cooking chorizo
Hot/mild £4.95
Morcilla £3.95
Marcona Salted almonds 200gr £5.00
Smoked almonds 200gr £5.00
Caramelised almonds 200gr £5.00
GAZPACHO 1ltr £5.50
Piquillo peppers £6.95 220gr
Romesco sauce £3.95 200gr
Alejandro cured chorizo £6.95 300gr
Salt Cod fillet 300gr £8.95
Calasparra(Paella) rice 1kg £5.95
Saffron £4.95
Guindilla peppers £3.95
Gherkins £3.95
Garlic cloves £4.95


Anchovies £4.95
Yellow fin tuna £3.95/£6.95
Bonito £4.95
Sardines £4.95


Smoked paprika – sweet, bittersweet, hot £3.25
Navarrico jarred vegetables
Chickpeas £3.95
Butter beans £4.95
Haricot beans £3.95
Lentils £3.95 (660g jars)

Fontana Arborio Risotto Rice 1kg £4.75
Fontana easy cook Polenta 500g £2.75

Olive oil/Black Truffle/jamon iberico £3.95


Perrello Gordal olives in tins
150gr £3.50
600ge £10.00

Mixed olives 200gr £4.00
basil and garlic olives 200gr £4.00
kalamata olives 200gr £4.00
Bella Di Cerignola olives 350gr £6.95
Rosate Di Bitetto olives 200gr £4.95

Roasted artichoke 200gr £5.00
Seggiano pesto 200gr £5.00 (loose)
280gr jar £5.95
1kg jar £25.00


The finest quality dried pasta:

Seggiano Pasta: £4:25
Spaghetti alla chitarra

Delverde Pasta: 500gr £2.75

Filotea pasta:
Spaghetti alla chitarra

Spaghetti (all £4.95)
Di Cecco Penne 1kg £5.00

Gluten free:
Red lentil fusill
Red lentil tagliatelle

New in:
Bioorta organic tomato and basil and vegetable Pasta Sauce £4.95
San Marzano tinned tomatoes £2.00/£3.75
Cirio/mutti tinned tomatoes £1.20/£1.50
Basmati rice £3.95/£4.95


Seggiano Pasta sauces 300g £3.95
Basilico (basil)
Marinari (garlic)
Arrabiata (chilli)
Putanesca (Olive and caper)

Seggiano tomato Passata 600gr £3.50
Seggiano Chili tomato pasta sauce £3.95
Seggiano sweet cherry tomato salsa £3.95

Seggiano Arborio rice 500gr £3.95
Organic risotto rice 1kg £6.95

Italian flatbreads;
Classic £4.95
Parmesan £4.95

Seggiano chocolate spread £4.95 200gr

Italian sweet biscuits:
Cantucinni biscotti £6.95
Orange and walnut £6.95
Chocolate saturnelle £6.95
Hazelnut Dolcetti Biscotti £6.95

Oils and vinegars

250 ml £6.95
500ml £9.95
2.5ltr tin £25
4ltr tin £42.50
5ltr pet £45
Agus 500ml finishing Oil £12.95
Lemon,chilli,garlic mandarin oil 250/500ml
Fig,raspberry vinegar 250/500ml

Sherry vinegar £6.95
Moscatel white wine vinegar £7.95
Cabernet Sauvignon red wine vinegar £17.95
Aged balsamic £12.95
Super dense balsamic £12.95
Kentish Cider vinegar £4.00
Kentish rapeseed oil £5.95

Ouse Valley jellies:
Red chilli
Red currant (All £4.95)
Onion marmalade £4.95 310gr
Kitchen garden chutney £4.95 310gr
Benenden sauce £3.95

We have a range of store cupboard essentials

We have a good range of Italian tinned tomatoes and pulses including:
Mutti: Chopped and Whole £1.50 400gr
Cirio: Whole plum £1.20 400gr
La Strianese: San Marzano £2.00/£3.75 400/800gr.
Coppola:(New in) Chopped, Cherry and Plum – from £1.20-£1.50 400gr
Chickpeas, Cannellini and Butter beans 400gr £1-£1.20

We endeavour to keep stock levels high but during these times this can be difficult.

Horseradish £2.95
Apple sauce £2.95
Mint sauce £2.95
Classic Mayonnaise £3.95
Ketchup and brown sauce £2.95
Soya sauce £2.95
Lemon curd £2.95
Maple syrup 200ml £7.95
Maldon salt £3.25
Peanut butter £3.50
Carringtons chilli sauce range £4.95
Chilli oil £6.95

ANETO 100% natural:
Chicken broth 1tr £4.95
Vegetable broth 1tr £4.95
Fish broth 1tr £5.95

Beetroot and thyme salad dressing £4.95
Red chilli harissa £4.95
Dijon mustard £2.95
English mustard £2.95
Opies capers £2.95

Tapenade marocaine £4.95
El Yucateco hot Mexican sauce
Chilli chipotle £2.95
Chilli habanero £2.95

Chickpeas 400gr tins £1.20
Botlotti beans 400gr tins £1.20
Cannelini beans 400gr tins £1.20
Coconut milk £2.20

Porridge 1kg £2.75
Muesli 1kg £4.75
Local honey £6.95 (Set and Runny)
Spanish orange blossom honey £8.95 500gr
Apple/pear juice £3.50

OATLY milk alternative drinks from £2.50

Everyday,Earl Grey,Peppermint,Green and chamomile all £5.00

Beans/Ground £6.25

Local organic plain wholewheat flour
1 kg £1.95
2.5 kg £4.00

Wessex mill strong white bread flour £2.95


Washing up liquid £1.95/£3.25
Concentrated bio laundry 1.5ltr £9.25
Fabric softener 1.5ltr £3.95
Delicate(laundry) 750ml £3.95

Wooden spoon preserves

Wye Strawberry jam £3.95
Pilgrims raspberry jam £3.95
Canterbury jam £3.95 (Redcurrants,blackberry,raspberry,cherry,apple and hazelnut)
English breakfast marmalade £3.95
Seville orange marmalade £3.95
Chilli jam £3.95
Red onion marmalade £3.95
Fig and apple chutney £3.95
Three fruit chutney £3.95


Madagascar milk 58%
Oat milk 60%
Rye crumb, milk and sea salt 60%
Sourdough and sea salt 60%
Solomon Islands 72%
Madagascar 72%
Jamaican 75%
Ecuador 85%
Ecuador 100%
All bars 70g £6.95

Dark 66%
Milk chocolate with hazelnut
200g bars £7.95

Shortbread £2.50
Cottage crunch £2.50
Melting moments £2.50
Oat flips £2.50

Oat and honey £3.50
Kentish apple and hazelnut £3.50
Goji Berry and white chocolate £3.50
Gluten free £3.50
Pecan and maple syrup £3.50
Oat and raisin £3.50

Gingerly ginger £6.95 400g
Kent Bramley apple fruitcake £6.95 400g

Brindisa Tarte de Santiago(almond cake) £10.95

Decadent fig Bon Bon’s dipped in dark chocolate – Box of 9 £11.95

Frozen products

SIMPLY ICE CREAM : 500ml £5.50
Honeycomb, Vanilla, Strawberry, Chocolate, Mint choc chip, Stem ginger and marmalade, Salted caramel, Coconut

Raspberry, Lemon, Mango, Black currant

Wasted Kitchen
Creamy Macaroni cheese with Stilton and Garlic sourdough crumb £7.00 (2 pers,frozen)
Italian style baked meatballs £12.95 (2 pers,frozen)


MEAT: £9.95
Beef and apricot
Beef madras
Jaipuri lamb
Kashmiri lamb
Do piaza

South Indian prawn
Keralan fish

Mixed vegetable
Vegetable korma
Pea and mushroom
Chickpea curry
Sag aloo
Bombay potatoes
Cabbage potato and cinnamon
Five spice dhal
Tarkha dhal
Dhal with spinach
Onion bhajis £5.95
Spiced basmati rice £2.95
Tomato chutney £3.95

Soft drinks: juices and carbonated

Bardsley farm 750ml
Apple juice £3.75
Pear juice £3.75
Biddenden 1tr
Apple juice £3.95
Pear juice £3.95

Fentimans: £2.00
Curiosity cola
Rose lemonade
Ginger beer

San pellegrino: £1.95

Karma drinks £2.20
Ginger beer


10% off on mixed case of 12 beers or ciders.

No 5
No 3
No 11
Dog Bolter
Black Pearl
She Sells Sea Shells
Starting at £2.95

Old Dairy
Copper top
Gold top
Red top
Blue top
All £2.95

The Canterbury Ales
The Friars
The Knight’s
The Reeve’s
The Merchant’s
The Miller’s
All £2.95

Romney Marsh Brewery
Bohemian lager
Best Bitter
Amber ale
American Pale
Golden ale
Marsh Mellow
Cinque Porter
All £2.95

Hopdaemon Brewery
Green Daemon Helles
Skrimshander IPA
Both £2.95

Chapel Down Curious Brewery
All £2.50 each, case of 12 £27.00

English Rose NV Brut
Rosé Brut

Brut NV £24.95
Sparkling Bacchus £19.95

Flint Dry
English Rose
All £15.99

2017 Vintage Nectar, dessert wine £16.95

Bacchus Gin
Pinot Noir Gin
Chardonnay Vodka
All £45

Bacchus pre-mixed gin and tonic £3.95

Nightingale Cider Company
Tenterden medium still
Falstaff Bramley medium dry still
Discovery Medium still
Night Bird dry sparkling
All £3.50

Song Bird limited edition dry still 750ml, £12.95.

Wise Owl Cider
Dry lightly sparkling
Medium lightly sparkling
Both £3.50

Turners Cider
Medium dry lightly sparkling
Pear lightly sparkling
Elderflower lightly sparkling
All £3.50

Dudda’s Tun Cider
Original medium still

Kentish Pip Cider
Craftsman medium sparkling
High Diver medium sparkling
Wild Summer elderflower sparkling
Dappler wild dry sparkling
Skylark medium sparkling
All £3.00

Charrington’s Cider
Cryals Classic medium sparkling
Private Bin dry sparkling
330ml £2.95
750ml £9.95

Biddenden Vineyards
English Vintage sparkling cider, £12.95
Special Mead, £12.95
Strong Kentish Cider, dry or medium, 1 litre, £5.95

Mereworth Wines
Marourde medium sparkling mead spritz £3.50

Greensand Ridge Distillery
London Dry Gin
Apple Brandy
Plum Brandy
Wealden Rum
All £45

Hand Sanitizer £20

Anno Distillers
Dry Gin
Orange and Honey Gin
3 Berry Pink Gin
Elderflower Vodka
All £39.95

Copper Rivet Distillery
Dockyard dry gin

Son of a Gun grain spirit
Both £42.50

Westerhall Estate No. 5 Rum £18.95

Bramley & Gage 6 O’clock Gin
35cl £25
70cl £40

Coxy’s Kent Liquers
Raspberry and Rose Gin
Pink Gin
Lavender Gin
Spiced Honey Gin
All £16.95

The Gin Set – 3 minis
Lavender Gin
Morello Gin Liquer
Raspberry and Rose Gin

Aged Negroni
Old Fashioned
Both £16.95

Myatt’s Fields Cocktails
Trident – Aquavit, manzanilla, cynar & peach
Baby Otis – Cuban rum Manhattan
Kecello – Grapefruit liqueur
Pisco Martini – Gin, sweet and dry vermouth & pisco
All £16

Manhattan – Rye whiskey, vermouths & angostura £32.95