Really really fresh fish

is like an amazing gift from the water. It tastes out of this world. That’s why we collect it ourselves early in the morning from Jason in Broadstairs. Many people disregard fish due to a second rate experience with poor quality fish or a lack of confidence in preparing and cooking. In truth it is very simple.

With freshness paramount we only stock fish from local waters, hoiking it from the other side of the world doesn’t fit. Most of our stock comes locally from Broadstairs, other stock comes from across the British Isles, such as the wonderful Loch Duart salmon and mussels from Scotland.

Seasonal Seafood

We only stock fresh and seasonal British seafood, this means whats available at the fish stall will vary from day to day.There is always a variety of sea fish, river fish, shellfish and crustaceans. If your after something specific then give us a call or an email.


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