Here’s our full range of British Artisan Cheeses.


“Robin and Carla Betts farm in the valleys above Wrotham, where they make their Winterdale Shaw cheddar. The Betts, lucky devils, live on the North Downs, so were able to carve the perfect ripening cellar out of the chalk. An ideal set-up that produces a superb cheese.”

Mrs Appleby’s Double Gloucester, and Red Cheshire, Sparkenhoe Red Leicester, Mrs Kirkham’s Lancashire, Winterdale Shaw and Winterdale Shaw smoked, Montgomery, Isle of Mull,  Vintage Lincolnshire Poacher, Ashmore Farmhouse, Ancient and Smoked, Smart’s Single Gloucester, Gorwydd Caerphilly,  and long-time guest cheeses De Witt’s two-year-old Gouda, and farmhouse-made Abondance.


Canterbury Cobble, Sharpham Rustic, Alderwood.


Tunworth, Gold Hill, Chaucer’s camembert-style, Bowyer’s brie-style, Win Green.


We get out goat’s milk from Debbie Vernon’s herd near Sittingbourne. She makes the Ellie’s Dairy line of soft goat’s cheeses. She spends eight hours a day just milking her 200-strong herd. That’s before she makes the cheese and gets out selling it. She also has the smartest fluffy goat-shaped handbag.

“Ellie’s Dairy, natural, with herbs, and with chillies, Shaggy’s Beard, Norsworthy, Billy Goat Gruff, Kelly’s Canterbury Goat, Golden Cross Log, Golden Cross Chabis, Allerdale.”


Flower Marie, Wigmore, Lord of the Hundreds, Croglin.


“Steve and Karen Reynolds make their Kentish Blue from the milk of their own herd of Holstein Friesians at Staplehurst. So the milk travels just a couple of metres from the milking parlour to the cheese vat, and arrives at the perfect temperature for cheese-making. And now they have produced Bluebell, a soft, camembert-like blue.”

Blue Lanark (sheep’s), Blue Dunsyre, Harbourne Blue (goat’s) Kentish Blue, Stichelton, Colston Bassett, Cropwell Bishop, Blue Vinny and Bluebell

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