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To order please email all of your shopping list to susanna@thegoodsshed.co.uk. Please include your delivery address and phone number for payment. Also please notify us of any food allergies.

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The Goods Shed basics

Wild bread sourdough – £3.50
Dockers house sourdough – £3.80
Dockers sourdough baguette – £1.70
Self raising flour – 1.5kg bag £2
White flour from shipton mill – £1/kg
Bread flour – £1.50/kg
Strong bread flour – £1.50/kg
Live yeast – 42g £1
Butter – £2.20
Pasta (penne/linguini/orzo) – 500g bag £1.80
Tinned tomatoes – £1.20
Tomato Purée – £1.80
Passata – £1.80
Homemade kimchi and kraut £1.50/kg
Sugar – 2kg bag £3
Coldbrew espresso blend beans £21/kg

Beers from dockers brewery

DFL 330ml can 5% 3.30
Wye College 330ml can 5% 2.75

Veg Stall

Seasonal veg from our local farms collected every day – in the worst month!

Eggs £1.40/£1.70 half doz
Duck Eggs £3 half doz
Potatoes 80p/k
Onions red and white from £1/k
Cabbage £1.2
Cauliflower £1.50
Carrots £1.10/k
Leeks £3.60/k
Mushrooms closed £9/k
Mushrooms flat £10/k
Watercress £1.60
Salad Bags £1.65/k
Spinach up to £6/k loose, or organic in 200g bags £1.60-£2
Chard up to £6/k loose, or organic 200g bags £1.60-£2
Kale £5/k
Apples £1.90/k
Cooking Apples £1.90/k

Rhubarb £5.50/k
Celery £1.25
Jerusalem artichokes £5/k
Bags of fresh herbs 90p
Lettuce £1
Purple Sprouting Broccoli £5/k
Parsnips £1.90/k
Shallots £3/k
Tomatoes on the vine £4.50/kg
Wild Garlic £2.50/100g
Beetroot £2.50/k

Dried products from the scoop bins:

Barley Flakes
Black Carlin Peas
Brown Basmati Rice
White Basmati Rice
Camelina Seeds
Couscous £3/kg
Fava beans
Green lentils
Pearl Barley
Puy lentils £4.20/kg
Red lentils
Kidney Beans £4.20/kg


100% local meat all products homemade by our whole carcass butchery, we have 4 butchers on site so any other cut is possible


Whole/Half £8.25/k
Breasts £19/k
Leg £10/k
Carcass £1
Wings £5/k
Livers £5.50/k
Heart/necks £4.5/£3 per kilo


Mince £8.5/k
Burgers 95p each
Topside £12.50/k
Silverside £11.50/k
Steaks, fillet, ribeye, sirloin or rump £40/k, £32/k, £26/k, £22/k
Brisket £9/k
Braising And stewing £12/k
Boerewors sausage £10.50/k


Mince £6.50/k
Chops £8.50/k
Fillet £12/k
Leg joint 8/k
Shoulder joint 8/k
Belly 8/k
Sausages- plain, sage, wild garlic, cheese and bacon, chipolatas from £8.25/k
Homemade pork & garlic dry salame £26/k
Our homemade smoked or green bacon collar, back and streaky £14/k


Mince £10.5/k
Leg £12.50/k
Shoulder £10.5/k
Cutlets/chops £18/16/k
Rump £16/k
Merquez sausages £10.5/k
Lamb burger 95p each
Stewing £6/k


Can be scaled, filleted etc to your needs


Rope Mussels £6.50kg loose
Rope Mussels 2kg net £10
Palorde Clams £16.99kg
Fresh Hand-picked Dressed Crabs 8oz £6.50 Each/ 2=£12
Peeled Brown Shrimps 100g £5.00
King Prawns Raw 65p Each
Rock Oysters £1.25

Smoked Fish

Home Smoked Natural Haddock £15.99kg (Portioned to size required)
Manx/Home Smoked Kippers £11.50kg
Whole Hot Smoked Mackerel £16.50kg
John Ross Jnr Smoked Salmon 200g £8

Fresh Fish

Fresh Squid £17.99kg (Cleaned)
Cod Fillet Boneless £17.99kg (Portioned to size required)
Haddock Fillet Boneless £13.99kg (Portioned to size required)
Superior Salmon Fillet Boneless £22.99kg (Portioned to size required)
Sea-Reared Trout Fillet Boneless £22.99kg (Portioned to size required)
Sea-Reared Trout Steaks on the bone £19.99kg
Mackerel £8.99kg size between 350/600grm Cleaned/ Fillets
Local Skate Wings £9.99kg size between 400 / 800grm
Local Dover Sole £17.99kg size between 160/360grm
King Scallops £38kg
Octopus £10.99kg
Monkfish £26.99kg (Portioned to size required)
Sardine Fillet 8 for £3.50
Seabream 500grm approx £5.50 each or 2=£10
Wild Halibut Steaks £31.99kg
Hake Fillets £20.99kg (Portioned to size required) and Cod


Our chefs are creating a series of lovely dishes for you to reheat or freeze at home

Lamb Dish – £12.50
Chicken – £9.50
Sausage, lentils – £6.50
Chowder – £9.00
Mushroom + celeriac – £6.50
Fish curry – £9.00
Duck leg, braised red cabbage and orange – £9.00
Rafa’s steak and kidney pie – £9.00

Drinks from the restaurant

Kentish Ales and Ciders

No 3. Premium Pale Ale – 500ml 5% – £3.50
Dogbolter Porter – 500ml 5.6% – £4
Turners Dry Cider – 500ml 7% – £3.50
Wise Owl Sparkling Cider – 500ml 6% – £3.50
Charringtons Private Bin Cider – 330ml – £3


Prosecco d.o.c Casa Defra, Veneto – 11% 125ml – 6.5 bottle – £32
Oxney Brut Classic Organic – East Sussex – 12% 125ml – 10.80, bottle – £40
Marquis De Bonnieres Champagne Brut – 12% bottle – £35
Gusbourne Brut Reserve – 12% bottle – £39.50



House White – Cotes de Gascogne 2018 – £9.5
11% Colombard and Ugni blend
…light, lemon and gooseberry…

Il Carretto IGT Bianco di Puglia 2018 – £11.5
12% Malvasia blend
…Sherbet, fresh herbs, delicate and bright…

Terre de Luminiere Viognier Celliers Jean d’Alibert 2018 – £12.5
13% Viognier
…Floral and blossomy…

Pinot Grigio Sanziana 2018 – £11
12% Pinot Grigio
…Rich and bright with notes of melon and stone fruit…

Marquis de Lissac, Sauvignon blanc 2018 – £13
12.5% Sauvignon Blanc
…Bright, fresh and beautifully balanced citrus fruit…

Picpoul de Pinet, Domaine de Morin Langaran 2018 – £14
12.5% Picpoul
…Gentle apricot and lime, silky and crisp together…

Ortega, Biddenden Vineyards, Kent 2017 – £15
11% Ortega

La Combe de Grinou Organic, Terroir Grinou 2018 – £13.5
12% Sauvignon blanc and Semillon
…Heady nose, peach, elderberry, nettle…

Macon-Solutre Maison Auvigue 2018 – £17.5
13% Chardonnay
…Elegant and balanced burgundy…

Rioja Blanco Belezos, Bodegas Zugober 2016 – £17
12.5% Viura
…vibrant tropical fruit, full texture and subtle spice…

Cotes du Rhone Blanc, Famille Tardieu 2017 – £19
13.5% Roussanne blend
…broad and quite voluminous…



Corney and Barrows House Red, Pays d’Oc 2018 – £9.5
12.5% Carignan, Grenache and Merlot
…soft red with warm, spicy fruit…

Marques de la Musa, San Valero 2018 – £10
13.5% Tempranillo, Garnacha, Carinena blend
…Fantastic balance offering fruit, freshness and elegance…

Il Barroccio IGT Rosso Terre Siciliane 2018 – £10.5
13% Nero d’Avola
…Italian Dolce Vita – Fruity and spicy…

Merlot Belvedere, Cecilia Beretta 2018 – £12.5
13% Merlot
…Silky and ripe, rich plum flavour…

Montepulciano d’Abruzzo Roccastella, Villa Bizzarri 2017 – £13.5
12.5% Montepulciano
…Ripe dark fruit and spice…

La Muse de Cabestany Pinot Noir 2018 – £12.5
12.5% Pinot Noir
…Smooth and perfumed…

Salterio Mencia, Bierzo 2017 – £13.5
13.5% 100% Mencia
…Fruity, mineral notes, complex in nose…

Syrah ‘La Jonction’, Celliers Jean d’Alibert 2016 – £13
13% Syrah
…Violet, chocolate, dried herbs…

Domaine Maurel Cabardes, Languedoc-Roussillon 2015 – £13.5
12.5% Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Grenache, Syrah
…Something of a Bordeaux to it, structured plum, fruit and spice…

Altos de Baroja Rioja Joven 2017 – £14
13.5% Tempranillo
…Youthful with sweet spice…

La Curiosite, Minervois 2017 – £14
13.5% Syrah blend
…Black fruits, black olive aromas, balanced in the mouth…

Chateau Mayne-Graves Bordeaux 2016 – £16
12.5% Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon
…Classic, traditional and balanced…

Valpolicella Classico Superiore Terre di Cariano Cecilia Beretta 2015 18
13% Corvina, Rondinella, Corvinone blend
…full, ripe wine with chocolate end…

Chateau De Crouseilles Madiran 2013 – £26
14.5% Tannat, Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc
…Rich, powerful and long…

Chateau Barrial du Blanc Grand Cru St-Emilion 2015 – £27
13% Merlot and Cabernet Franc
…Dark, rich sweet earthiness…

Psi Peter Sisseck, Ribera del Duero 2016 – £32
14.5% Tempranillo
…It’s got it all, a cult wine…

Enzos Bakery

White Bread £3.50
Granary Bread £3.70
Wholemeal Bread £3.60
Spelt Bread £3.50
Rye Bread £3.00
Focaccia £3.50

Sausage roll £1.50
Panini Napoletano Vegetarian and Meat £4.25

Pie with:
mushroom £4.60
spinach £4.60
pork £4.90

Pizza Napoli £3.00
Pizza Peperoni £3.25

Doughnuts £1.30
Croissant £1.75
Panciocolat £2.00
Lemon cake £2.90 per slice gluten free
Chocolate cake £3.10 per slice gluten free
Date and almond £3.10 per slice gluten free
Carrot Cake £3.50 per slice

Jonny Sandwich

Homemade soup or broth of the week £5
Homemade tart of the week (vegetarian) feeds 12 £30 or £4.50 a slice
Homemade Pies, steak or chicken for x2 £12. X4 £20. X8 £35
Homemade brownies and sausage rolls available too

Clive Barlow, Press Wine Services

Core staples, anyone who knows his stock well please do ask as it’s all here!


Amphorum, Castilla la Mancha, Sauvignon Blanc-Viura, a fresh light, easy drinking white dry with a touch of citrus and apple  2018  11.5% £ 11.50
Mont Rocher Viognier, Pays d’Oc, A light, apricot scent dry white with a gentle creamy texture and a touch of lemon freshness. A great drinking white and suitable for fish or chicken dishes. 13% £11.50
Monsable Chardonnay, Pays d’Oc, a ripe, rich buttery, peachy and ripe lemon scented wine. It is dry and mouthfilling with a touch of spice. Attractive and satisfying with plenty of character. 12.5% £12.00
Domaine de la Noe, Muscadet Sevre et Maine, A bone dry, clean fresh beauty with green apple and mineral notes, super fish and seafood wine. 12.5% £12.00
Pazo Torrado, Albarino, Rias Baixas, An excellent crisp dry white from Galicia with floral and peach sent and a mineral, vibrant palate. 2019 13% £16.00



Mont Rocher Rosé, Pays d’Oc; a dry, berry scented rosé with a gentle tannic edge and pale hue, refreshing and bright. £11.50



Calusari Pinot Noir, Romania A light, cherry and strawberry scented and fruited wine with gentle tannins and a pleasing nature. This is a good all-round drinking wine with enough about it to partner every day dishes. 12.5% £ 10.50
Mont Rocher Carignan, Pays d’Oc. A juicy red offering blackberry and redcurrant flavours and a silky easy-going palate. 2018 13% £ 11.50
Mont Rocher Malbec, Pay d’Oc, A wine of depth with typical dark plum and liquorice of the grape and some ripe edgy tannins. 13% £11.50
U Passimiento, Sicily, a wine full of the sun of the Mediterranean delivery prune, blackberry and spice, dry with plenty of ripe fruit. 2018 13.5% £ 13.00
Domaine Grand Veneur, Cotes du Rhone a robust rich red with scents of herbs, spice and raspberry with a rich, powerful palate, long and satisfying. 2017 14.5% £ 17.00

Cheesemakers of Canterbury

Ashmore Farmhouse £2.30/100g
Ashmore Chilli/Mustard/ and Smoked £2.50/100g
Ancient Ashmore £2.60/100g
Canterbury Cobble £2.60/100g
Chaucers Camembert Style £2.30/100g
Bowyers Brie Style£2.30/100g
Kelly’s Goats £2.9/100g
Gruff £3.10/100g
Cowslip Butter £1.50/100g
Dargate Dumpy £3.25/100g
Ramsey £3.45/100g
Shawn £3.35/100g
Ellies plain curd buttons £2.45/100g
Mint buttons and chilli buttons £2.60/100g
Kentish Blue £2.45/100g

And other award winning cheeses from across UK

Montgomery Cheddar £2.40/100g
Isle Of Mull Cheddar £2.30/100g
Westcombe Cheddar £2.30/100g
Vintage Lincolnshire Poacher £2.50/100g
Sparkenhoe Red Leicester £2.60/100g
Mrs Kirkham’s Lancashire £2.30/100g
Appleby’s Red Cheshire £2.40/100g
Sharpham Rustic £2.60/100g
Gorwydd Caerphilly £2.40/100g
Ribblesdale Wensleydale £2.30/100g
Old Winchester £2.30/100g
Black Bomber £2.30/100g
Red Storm £2.20/100g
Abondance £2.70/100g
Cornish Gouda £2.80/100g
Cornish Cumin Gouda £2.30/100g
Burwash Rose £3.80/100g
Tunworth Camembert £8.80 each
Waterloo £2.90/100g
Durrus £3.60/100g
Colston Bassett Stilton £2.10/100g
Colston Bassett Shropshire Blue £2.10/100g
Cashel Blue £2.80/100g
Crozier Blue £3.20/100g
Oxford Blue £2.60/100g
Cote Hill Blue £2.50/100g
Blue Ribblesdale £3.10/100g
Barkham Blue £2.60/100g
Smoked Ribblesdale Goat £3.10/100g
Golden Cross Log £2.90/100g
Golden Cross Chabis £2.55/100g
Rosary Log £2.40/100g
Flower Marie £2.70/100g
Wigmore £3.00/100g


Cheesemaker’s Chutney
Rhubarb Chutney £2.75
Rhubarb & Apple Chutney £2.75
Red Onion Marmalade £2.75
Tomato & Red Pepper Chutney £2.75
Medlar’s Jelly £3.25
Quince Jelly £3.25
Elderberry Jelly £3.50
Damson Paste £3.00
Rosehip Jelly £2.25
Spiced damson chutney £2.25

Chilli Jams etc.

Mild Chilli Jam – 130g £2.50
Hot Chilli Jam – 130g £2.50
Very Hot Chilli Jam – 130g £2.50
Chilli Jam Stack £6.00
Pickled Onions £4.50
Pickled Eggs £4.50


Duskins – Gala (medium) £3.20
Duskins – Discovery (medium) £3.20
Duskins – Jonagold (sweet) £3.20
Duskins – Bramley (sharp) £3.20
Duskins – Cox (medium) £3.20
Duskins – Braeburn (medium) £3.20
Duskins – Russett (sweet) £3.20
Duskins – Golden Delicious (sweet) £3.20
Kentish Cherry – Large £8.50
Kentish Cherry – Small £3.20
Captains Crackers – Warming Chilli £2.50
Captains Crackers – Kentish Ale & Rosemary £2.50
Captains Crackers – Seat Salt & Pepper £3.20
Captains Crackers – Chia & Chive £2.50
Millers – Plum & Date Toast £3.50
Millers – Cranberry & Raisin Toast £3.50
Millers – Fig & Sultana Toast £3.50
Millers – Wheat Biscuits £2.50
Millers – Charcoal Biscuits £2.40
McKenzies – Oat Cakes £2.00

From Patriana


Bayonne ham £4.40/100g
Serrano Gran Reserva ham £5.50/100g
Kintoa Basque ham £7.00/100g
Iberico Campo ham £13.00/100g
English cooked ham £2.50/100g
Mountain saucisson £6.00 each
Basque Kintoa saucisson £11.00 each
Rosette £3.50/100g
Jesus saucisson 3.90/100g
Iberico Bellota Salchichon £3.50/100g
Iruna chorizo £3.50/100g – *temporarily out of stock*
Basque Kintoa chorizo £3.90/100g
Iberico Bellota chorizo £3.50/100g
Picante chorizo £2.50/100g
Iberico Lomo £5.00/100g
Basque Lomo £3.90/100g
Basque Coppa £3.50/100g
Pancetta £2.50/100g


La Reserva – New aged Spanish mixed milk cheese – World Cheese Gold Award £3.50/100g
Manchego Curado £2.90/100g
Manchego semi Curado £2.60/100g
Iberico mixed milk cheese £2.60/100g
Queso de Cabra goats cheese £3.00/100g
Ossau Iraty £3.30/100g
Comté £2.90/100g
Beaufort £3.30/100g – *temporarily out of stock*
Reblochon £3.00/100g
Bleu d’Auvergne £3.30/100g
Maroille £3.30/100g
Pont L’Eveque £3.30/100g – *temporarily out of stock*
Crottin £2.90/each – *temporarily out of stock*


Pork Terrine £3.00/100g
Basque Pork pate £3.70/jar
Basque Black pudding pate £3.90/jar
Pork Rillette £3.30/tin
Duck Rillette 4.00/tin
Wild Boar pate £4.00/jar
Duck Foie Gras £7.00/65g tin £12.00 130g tin


Duck Confits 2 legs £12.50/tin
Duck Confit cassoulet £10.00
Basque pork cassoulet £6.50/400g jar £11.50/750g jar
Cooked Haricot beans with chorizo £5.90/jar
Black fig jam £4.90/jar
Black cherry jam £4.90/jar
Basque fish soup £6.50/jar
Wild Flower Pyrenees honey £6.80/jar
Quince jelly £2.40/jar
Cornichons £2.90/jar
Guindillas £4.90/jar
Piquillo peppers £2.90/jar
Xistorrade chorizo spread £3.50/jar

Murrays store basics and bestsellers

All products are subject to availability and prices possible to change.


Hinxden farm Dairy
1pt Glass bottles 90p (when available)
2pt plastic £1.50
Double cream £2.20
Crime fraiche £2.20
Natural yoghurt 500ml £2.20

Otties Yoghurts

Flavoured and natural £1.75


Feta and Haloumi £3.50
Alex James cheddar £3.95
Parmesan(price and size varies) 100-150gr
Fresh mozzarella 250gr £6.50


lescure unsalted,Plurenden salted £3.95
(When available)

Pre Packed Meats

Weald smokery:
Salami selection
Sliced home cooked ham
Sliced smoked salmon
Sliced smoked streaky bacon
(All pre priced per kg)


Chorizo iberico 100gr £4.95
Salchichon iberico 100gr £4.95
Iberico Bellota jamon 50gr £10.95
Cooking chorizo/morcilla
Hot/mild £4.95
Morcilla £3.95

Ortiz Canned Fish

Anchovies £4.95
Yellow fin tuna £3.95/£6.95
Bonito £4.95
Sardines £4.95

Dry Stores

Smoked paprika
Sweet,bittersweet,hot £3.25
Navarrico jarred vegetables
Chickpeas £3.95
Butter beans £4.95
Haricot beans £3.95 (660g jars)

Torres Artisan Potato Crisps

Olive oil/Black Truffle/jamon iberico £3.95


Perrello Gordal olives in tins
150gr £3.50
600ge £10.00
Mixed,basil and garlic,kalamata olives
200gr £4.00
Roasted artichoke 200gr £5.00
Seggiano pesto 200gr £5.00 (loose)
280gr jar £5.95
1kg jar £25.00

Pasta And Sauces

The finest quality dried pasta:
Seggiano £4:25
Fioltea £4:95
(Both limited availability)
Bioorta organic tomato and basil and vegetable
Pasta sauce £4.95
Seggiano sweet cherry tomato salsa £3.95
Passata £2.00
Organic tinned tomato range £2:00
San Marzano £2.20
Arborio rice 500gr £3.95
Basmati rice £3.95/£4.95

Oils And Vinegars

250 ml £6.95
500ml £9.95
2.5ltr tin £25
4ltr tin £42.50
5ltr pet £45
Sherry vinegar £6.95
Aged balsamic £12.95
Super dense balsamic £12.95
Cider vinegar £4.00
Kentish rapeseed oil £5.95

We Have A Range Of Store Cupboard Essentials

Horseradish,mint and apple sauce
Mayonnaise classic and Garlic
Ketchup and brown sauce
Soya sauce,Lemon curd,maple syrup,peanut butter.
Maldon salt
Carringtons chilli sauce range
and chilli oil
Wooden spoon preserves
Jam and marmalade
Red onion marmalade
Fig jam
Porridge 1kg £2.75
Muesli 1kg £4.25
Local honey £6.95
Spanish orange blossom honey £8.95
Apple/pear juice £3.50
OATLY milk alternative drinks from £2.50

We have a large range of local beers and ciders from £2.95

Chapeldown Beers,wines And Spirits

Curious brew/IPA/Cider £2.50 each / £27 per case of 12
Baccus,flint dry and English Rose £14.99
BRUT NV Sparkling £24.99
Gin and pink gin £45
Greensand ridge gin £40
Anno Gin £40
Dockyard Gin £35

Frozen products

Chai stop curries vegetable/fish/meat £5.95, £8.95, £9.95
Simply ice cream £5.00

To order please email all of your shopping list to susanna@thegoodsshed.co.uk. Please include your delivery address and phone number for payment. Also please notify us of any food allergies.

Due to the extremely high volume of orders we are currently experiencing, some of our staff are using their personal phones, so you may get a call from ‘no caller ID’. Please answer the call so we can take payment and finalise the order. Thank you.