Home delivery from The Goods Shed
Seasonal veg from our local farms collected every day

Eggs £1.30/£1.60 half doz
Duck Eggs £3 half doz
Potatoes 80p/k
Onions red and white from £1/k
Cabbage £1.2
Caulifower £1.50
Carrots £1.10/k
Leeks £3.60/k
Mushrooms closed £9/k
Mushrooms fat £10/k
Watercress £1.60
Spinach £1.60/k loose or organic in bags @£2
Salad Bags £1.65/k
Chard £1.60/k loose or organic I bags @£2
Kale £5/k
Apples £1.90/k
Cooking Apples £1.90/k
Pears £1.90/k
Celery £1.25
Jerusalem artichokes £5/k
Bags of fresh herbs 90p
Lettuce £1
Purple Sprouting Broccoli £5/k
Parsnips £1.90/k
Shallots £3/k
Wild Garlic £2.50/100g
Beetroot £2.50/k
Bread Granary or White Tin loaves from Oscars bakery £2.10 and £2.35
Dried products from the scoop bins
Barley Flakes
Black Carlin Peas
Brown Basmati Rice
White Basmati Rice
Camelina Seeds
Fava beans
Green lentils
Pearl Barley
Puy lentils
Red lentils
Butchery-100% local meat all products homemade by our whole carcass
butchery, we have 4 butchers on site so any other cut is possible

Chickens whole £8.25/k
Breasts £19/k
Leg £10/k
Carcass £1
Wings £5
Livers £5.50
Heart/necks £4.5/£3 per kilo
Beef mince £8/5
Burgers 95p
Topside £12.50
Silverside £11.50
Steaks, fillet, ribeye, sirloin or rump £40/k, £32/k, £26/k, £22/k
Brisket £9/k
Braising And stewing £12
Boerewors sausage £10.50
Pork mince £6.50/k
Chops £8.50
Fillet £12
Leg joint 8
Shoulder joint 8
Belly 8
Sausages- plain, sage, wild garlic, cheese and bacon, chipolatas from £8.25/k
Lamb mince £10.5
Leg £12.50
Shoulder £10.5
Cutlets/chops £18/16
Rump £16
Merquez sausages £10.5
Lamb burger 95p
Stewing £6
Fishmongers – can be scaled, filleted etc to your needs
Rope Mussels £6.50kg loose
Rope Mussels 2kg net £10
Palorde Clams £16.99kg
Fresh Hand-picked Dressed Crabs 8oz £6.50 Each/ 2=£12
Peeled Bown Shimps 100g £5.00
King Prawns Raw 65p Each
Rock Oysters £1.25
Smoked Fish
Home Smoked Natural Haddock £15.99kg (Portioned to size required)
Manx/Home Smoked Kippers £11.50kg
Whole Hot Smoked Mackerel £16.50kg
John Ross Jnr Smoked Salmon 200g £8
Fresh Fish
Fresh Squid £17.99kg (Cleaned)
Cod Fillet Boneless £17.99kg (Portioned to size required)
Haddock Fillet Boneless £13.99kg (Portioned to size required)
Superior Salmon Fillet Boneless £22.99kg (Portioned to size required)
Sea-Reared Trout Fillet Boneless £22.99kg (Portioned to size required)
Sea-Reared Trout Steaks on the bone £19.99kg
Mackerel £8.99kg size between 350/600grm Cleaned/ Fillets
Local Skate Wings £9.99kg size between 400 / 800grm
Local Dover Sole £17.99kg size between 160/360grm
King Scallops £38kg
Octopus £10.99kg
Monkfsh £26.99kg (Portioned to size required)
Sardine Fillet 8 for £3.50
Seabream 500grm aprox £5.50 each or 2=£10
Wild Halibut Steaks £31.99kg
Hake Fillets £20.99kg (Portioned to size required)Cod
Restaurant – so few coming out to eat, so chefs are creating a series of their
lovely food for you to reheat at home or put in your freezer – these will
change so please ask what’s on the menu. Or look at social media!

Seafood chowder – £9
Wild garlic sausage and lentil stew – £6.50
Braised Shoulder of Lamb with carrots and greens – £10
Chicken in cream, wine and mushroom – £9
Dockers Bakery and Brewery

House Sourdough: 3.70
Malted Sourdough: 3.80
Seeded Sourdough: 3.90
Sourdough Sandwich Loaf: 4.50
Sourdough Baguette: 1.70
Rye Loaf Seeded: 3.20
Date, Choc and Oat Slice: 1.80
DFL 330ml can 5% 3.30
Wye College 330ml can 5% 2.75
Jonny Sandwich is offering
Homemade soup or broth of the week £5
Homemade tart of the week (vegetarian) feeds 12 £30 or £4.50 a slice
Homemade Pies, steak or chicken for x2 £12. X4 £20. X8 £35
Homemade brownies and sausage rolls available too
Clive Barlow, Press Wine Services is offering
Core staples, anyone who knows his stock well please do ask as it’s all here!

Amphorum, Castilla la Mancha, Sauvignon Blanc-Viura, a fresh light, easy drinking white dry with
a touch of citrus and apple 2018 11.5%
420, Pecorino, Abruzzo, Italy a dry white with medium body, pear and almond notes and lick of
citrus freshness. 2018 13%
Pazo Torrado, Albarino, Rias Baixas, An excellent crisp dry white from Galicia with floral and
peach scent and a mineral, vibrant palate. 2019 13%
Mont Rocher Rosé, Pays d’Oc; a dry, berry scented rosé with a gentle tannic edge and pale hue,
refreshing and bright.
Mont Rocher Carignan, Pays d’Oc. A juicy red offering blackberry and redcurrant favours and a
silky easy going palate. 2018 13%
U Passimiento, Sicily, a wine full of the sun of the Mediterranean delivery prune, blackberry and
spice, dry with plenty of ripe fruit. 2018 13.5%
Grand Veneur, Cotes du Rhone a robust rich red with scents of herbs, spice and raspberry with a
rich, powerful palate, long and satisfying. 2017 14.5%