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Our curation for the everyday kitchen: organic dried pulses, pastas, baking goods, vinegars and more. We have a steady supply of everything you might want – if you don’t see, just ask! We’re constantly adding and refining the selection to ensure you never run out of the things you need.

Fresh Green Spinach Spaghetti from Pastaio (Vegan)

Wednesday / Saturday pick up and collections only.

Fresh green spinach spaghetti from Pastaio, London


Allergen: Gluten

Consume within three days

£1.25 per 100g
Fresh White Fusilli Pasta from Pastaio (Vegan)

Note: Wednesday / Saturday pick up and collections only.

Fresh white fusilli pasta from Pastaio London


Allergen: Gluten

Consume within 3 days

£1.25 per 100g
Fresh White Spaghetti from Pastaio (Vegan)

Wednesday / Saturday pick up and collections only.

Fresh white spaghetti from Pastaio, London


Allergen: Gluten

Consume within 3 days

£1.25 per 100g
Chicken Stock
Chicken Stock from Chef - 500ml

A rich stock made from Kentish Ranger carcasses – leftover from our restaurant kitchen so we don’t waste a scrap.

Allergens: Celery

Gluten free

£3.50 each
Double Cream
Hinxden Farm Dairy Double Cream (2Litres)

2 Litres of Hinxden Farm Dairy Double Cream Pasteurised

£13.50 each
Colombia Coffee
Roar Bean Coffee - Colombian Andino (250g)

Roar Bean Coffee – Colombian Andino (250g)

£6.85 each
Ugandan Coffee
Roar Bean Coffee - Ugandan Rwenzori (250g)

Roar Bean Coffee – Ugandan Rwenzori (250g)

Tasting notes: dark chocolate and brazil nuts

£5.25 each
Pickled Carrots 2
Chef's Pickled Carrots - 720g Jar£6.30 each
Pickled Golden Beetroot 2
Chef's Pickled Golden Beetroot - 720g Jar£6.30 each
Pickled Shallots 2
Chef's Pickled Shallots - 720g Jar£6.30 each
Seaweed Salt
Chef's Rosemary Sea Salt - 100g£2.63 each
Seaweed Salt
Chef's Seaweed Sea Salt - 100g£2.63 each
Ground semolina – £2.95/kg£2.95 each (1kg)
Barley Flakes
Barley Flakes (Organic)£1.90 per kg
Red Lentils
Red Lentils (Organic)£4.42 per kg
Green Lentils
Green Lentils (Organic)£3.46 per kg
White Basmati Rice
White Basmati Rice (Organic)£4.48 per kg
Brown Basmati Rice
Brown Basmati Rice (Organic)£5.56 per kg
Pearl Barley
Pearl Barley (Organic)£0.95 each (500g)
Dried Chickpeas
Dried Chickpeas (Organic)£4.72 per kg
Red Kidney Beans
Red Kidney Beans£5.26 per kg
Millet (Organic)£3.16 per kg
Porridge Oats
Porridge Oats£3.99 per kg
Giant Cous Cous
Giant Cous Cous (Organic)£5.62 per kg
Quinoa (Organic)£4.90 per kg
Fava Beans
Fava Beans (Organic)£3.84 per kg
Plain Flour
T-45 Plain flour£1.50 kg
T-55 Bread flour – £1.75/kg£1.75 kg
Pasta Flour 00
00 Pasta flour – 1kg£2.50 each
white rye flour
White Rye Flour£3.10 each (1kg)
Semola Rimacinata Di Gran Duro£1.26 each (400g)
Fresh Yeast
Fresh Yeast£1.58 each (60g)
Demerera Sugar
Demerera Sugar£1.16 each (500g)
French Salted Butter
French Salted Butter£2.20 each (250g)
Clipper Instant Coffee
Clipper Instant Coffee Granules, Papa New Guinea£5.24 each (100g)
Clipper Earl Grey
Clipper Organic Earl Grey Tea Bags (50)£4.10 per pack
Clipper Breakfast Tea
Clipper Organic English Breakfast Tea Bags (50)£4.10 per pack
Newby Chamomile Tea
Newby Chamomile Tea Bags (25)£4.10 per pack
Organic Green and Blacks Hot Chocolate£5.24 each (300g)
Coffee Beans
Coffee Beans New Dawn Traders Roasted Las Brisas, Colombia£9.45 each (250g)
Chardonnay White Wine Vinegar
Chardonnay White Wine Vinegar£7.35 each (500ml)
Cab Sav Red Wine Vinegar
Cabernet Sauvignon Red Wine Vinegar£7.35 each (500ml)
Balsamic Vinegar
Fattoria Estense Aceto Balsamico Di Moderna£7.35 each (500ml)
Sparkling Water
Kingsdown Sparkling Mineral Water£1.80 each (1000ml)
Still Water
Kingsdown Still Mineral Water£1.80 each (1000ml)
Charringtons Apple Juice Captivating Cox
Charringtons Apple Juice - Captivating Cox£3.15 each (1000ml)
Ravishing Russet
Charringtons Apple Juice - Ravishing Russet£3.15 each (1000ml)
Tinned Chopped Tomatoes
Tinned Chopped Tomatoes£1.26 each (400g)
Passata£1.89 each (180g)
Pure Castille Soap
Pure Castille Soap 500ml£7.20 each