Goods Shed Restaurant

A rotation of delights, created by our collection of expert chefs.

Each day, our chefs work with our Kentish produce – surplus seasonal goods, limited runs of fleeting, foraged varieties, and the best of the day – to create delightful meals and treats for you to enjoy with ease at home. Think: chefs meals, delicious kombuchas, ferments, traditional pork pies, and whatever our team falls prey to the whim of!

Goods Shed Butter
Chef-made Butter

Approx. 200g of butter made fresh with surplus double cream from Hinxden Dairy.

Double cream, salt

£2.95 each
Rafas Haggis
Chef's Haggis (approx. 300g)

Only available this weekend 23rd / 24th January

Serve with Turnip and Prune Gratin and Spring Greens

Approx 300g

Made with lamb lung, heart, liver, lamb trimmings, oats, spices, beef suet, beef bung

£7.00 each
Chicken Liver Parfait
Chicken Liver Parfait

Serves one to two as an appetiser with bread or crackers or crudites

Chicken livers, onions, butter, black pepper, salt, crab apple jelly, port, thyme

£3.68 each
Chocolate Cruffin
Chocolate Cruffin£3.15 each
Creme Caramel
Creme Caramel for One

Serves 1 – 2

milk, egg, sugar, vanilla, orange zest

£3.68 each
Chicken Ham Leek Pie
Family Chicken Leek & Ham Pie (Serves 4-6)

A puff pastry pie filled with Kentish ranger chicken, leeks, garlic, flour, stock, parsley and ham – serves 4-6.

Allergens: celery, milk, gluten, eggs, sulphur dioxide

£29.40 each
Fish Pie
Family Fish Pie (Serves 4-6)

Family fish pie – serves four to six. Potato, cream, butter, cheese, fish (salmon, haddock, cod), egg, leek, tarragon

Allergens: milk, fish, celery

£29.40 each
Rose Veal Pie
Kentish Rose Veal & Winter Veg Pie

Serves One

Kentish rose veal, onion, celery, leek, butter, cream, white wine, salt, thyme, parsley, flour, egg, milk

Visit our blog to read more about Kentish Rose Veal

£9.00 each
Veal Meatballs
Kentish Rose Veal Meatballs

Serves One

Egg, breadcrumbs, black pepper, salt, tomato, vinegar, wine, onion

£7.35 each
Pickled Cuttlefish
Pickled Cuttlefish (350g pot)

Pickled cuttlefish: cuttlefish, vinegar, wine, sugar, carrots, pink peppercorns, garlic, green chilli, oil

£4.75 each
Rafa's Marmalade - 850g£8.93 each
Rhubarb Cheesecake
Rhubarb Cheesecake for One

Serves one

Cream cheese, rosary goat’s curd, yoghurt, flour, butter, sugar, rhubarb & orange

£3.68 each
Smoked Trout Pate
Smoked Trout Pate with Horseradish

Shane’s smoked trout, cream cheese, double cream, horseradish, dill

£3.68 each
Turnip Prune Gratin
Turnip & Prune Gratin

Serves One

£4.73 4.73
Marinated Anchovies
Pickled Anchovies

Whole anchovies – salted, and kept in vinegar with garlic, green chillies and parsley

Net weight, 100g, plus pickling liquid

£4.10 a pot
Roll Mops
Thom Eagle's Roll Mops£4.00 each
Rafas Pork Pie
Rafa's Pork Pie - Whole

Serves Twelve. Measures 12″ long, 4″ wide, 3.5″ deep

*Please pre-order at least 2 days ahead of anticipated delivery date*

Allergens: Cereals containing gluten, eggs, sulphur dioxide

£45.00 each
Rafas Pork Pie
Rafa's Pork Pie - Slice

Serves One

Allergens: Cereals containing gluten, eggs, sulphur dioxide

£3.75 each
Chocolate Brownie
Chocolate Brownie

1 x beautiful rich, fudgy brownie made by our chefs in the restaurant kitchen.


Allergens: Milk, flour, egg, dairy

£3.50 each
Pickled Chanterelle
Chef's Pickled Chanterelles - 600ml Jar£12.60 each
Pickled Carrots 2
Chef's Pickled Carrots - 600ml Jar£6.30 each
Pickled Cauliflower 2
Chef's Pickled Cauliflower - 600ml Jar£6.30 each
Pickled Golden Beetroot 2
Chef's Pickled Golden Beetroot - 600ml Jar£6.30 each
Pickled Shallots 2
Chef's Pickled Shallots - 600ml Jar£6.30 each
Seaweed Salt
Chef's Rosemary Sea Salt - 100g£2.63 each
Seaweed Salt
Chef's Seaweed Sea Salt - 100g£2.63 each
Pheasant Leg
Braised chicken leg with cream and seasonal vegetables

Serves One

Chicken, cream, mushroon puree, cauliflower and broccoli, salt, vinegar, olive oil, potatoes

Allergens: Celery, Milk, Sulphur Dioxide

£9.50 each
Fish Stew
Fish Stew (cod, haddock, salmon, scallops)

Serves One

Allergens: Celery, Sulphur Dioxide, Fish, Crustaceans

£9.50 each
Jonnys Houmous
Jonny's Houmous

Serves One

£4.20 each
Jonnys Soup
Jonny's Soup of the Day

Serves One

£5.50 each
Lamb Shoulder
Lamb Shoulder with Wilted Greens and Veg

Serves One

Lamb shoulder with wilted greens and veg

Allergens:Celery, Sulphur Dioxide

£9.50 each
Veg Curry
Vegetable Curry

Serves One as a main, or two as a side dish

Cauliflower, chickpeas, spring onion, fennel, coriander, ginger, garlic, cream

£9.00 each
Mackerel Escabeche 2
Mackerel Escabeche

Appetiser, serves one

Mackerel, flour, onion, garlic, carrot, potato, smoked paprika, vinegar, wine, salt

Allergens: Cereals containing gluten, fish, sulphur dioxide

£6.83 each
Jonny Sausage Roll
Jonny's Sausage Rolls

1 x sausage roll


£2.05 each
Cod Brandade
Salt Cod Brandade

Serves One

Salt cod, potatoes, milk

Allergens: Milk, fish

£3.50 each
Sausage Lentils 2
Sausages and Lentils

Serves One

Rich lentils, with our butcher’s sausages, wine, carrots and herbs.

Allergens: Celery, Sulphur Dioxide

£6.50 each
Smoked Haddock Chowder
Smoked Haddock Chowder

Serves one.

A creamy chowder with haddock smoked by our fishmonger on the premises.

Allergens: Milk, Fish

£9.00 each
Spanish Omelette
Spanish Omelette - 1/4

Serves One

1/4 Tortilla de Patatas – Spanish Omelette, made by our chefs in our restaurant kitchen.

Allergens: Egg

£3.00 each
Steak And Kidney Pie
Steak and Kidney Pie

Serves One

Chef’s steak and kidney pie, made with local Kentish meat

Allergens: Celery, cereals containing gluten, eggs, milk, sulphur dioxide

£9.45 each
Chicken Stock
Chicken Stock from Chef - 500ml

A rich stock made from Kentish Ranger carcasses – leftover from our restaurant kitchen so we don’t waste a scrap.

Allergens: Celery

£3.50 each
Marmalade Kombucha
Chef Rafa's Marmalade Kombucha (500ml)£4.20 each (500ml)
Thom Eagle's Crab Apple Kombucha (500ml)£4.20 each (500ml)