An exclusively nose-to-tail, Kent-only butchers block.

By strictly sourcing whole carcasses from only local Kentish farmers, we’re are on a mission to connect meat eaters with the meats they eat – paying homage to the lives of animals raised and slaughtered humanely by selling the entire beast, as well as inspiring customers on the thrifty, rural tradition of cooking with lesser-known cuts.

Chicken Stock
Chef's Chicken Stock - 500ml£3.50 each
Beef Brisket
Beef BrisketFrom: £16.55 each
Beef Burgers
Beef Burgers£1.00 each
Beef Fillet
Beef Fillet£7.50 each (approx 170g)
Beef Frying Steak
Beef Frying Steak£5.67 each (approx 400g)
Beef Liver
Beef Liver (Limited Availability)£1.16 per pack (approx 200g)
Beef Mince
Beef Mince£8.93 per kg
Ribeye Steak
Beef Ribeye£7.85 each (approx 220g)
Salmon Cut Beef
Beef Salmon Cut£14.70 per kg
Sirloin Steak
Beef Sirloin£6.47 each (approx 220g)
Beef Topside
Beef TopsideFrom: £22.84 each
Whole Chicken Kentish Ranger
Chicken (Whole)From: £12.99 each
Barnsley Chops
Lamb Chops£18.38 per kg
Lamb Cutlets
Lamb Cutlets£2.00 each
Diced Lamb
Lamb Diced (Shoulder)£16.80 per kg
Lamb Heart
Lamb Heart (Limited Availability)£0.53 each
Lamb Leg
Lamb LegFrom: £22.86 each
Lamb Liver
Lamb Liver£1.16 per pack (approx 200g)
Lamb Neck Fillet
Lamb Neck Fillet£7.14 each (approx 400g)
Lamb Scrag Bone In
Lamb Neck Scrag Ends£2.10 each (approx 400g)
Lamb Rack
Lamb Rack£15.12 each (approx 600g)
Lamb Rump
Lamb Rump£9.45 each (approx 500g)
Lamb Shoulder Small
Lamb ShoulderFrom: £22.86 each
Lamb Burgers
Lamb Burgers£1.00 each
Merguez Sausage
Merguez Sausages£1.00 each (approx 80g)
Pork Belly
Pork Belly£4.20 per pack (approx 500g)
Pork Chops
Pork ChopsFrom: £3.07 each
Pork Leg
Pork Leg JointFrom: £16.56 each
Pork Steak
Pork Loin Steak£12.60 per kg
Lamb Mince
Lamb Mince£9.45 per kg
Pork Mince
Pork Mince£8.40 per kg
Rolled Pork.jpg
Pork ShoulderFrom: £14.97 each
Pork Tenderloin Fillet (2)
Pork Tenderloin Fillet£2.31 each (approx 200g)
Chive Garlic Sausages (2)
Pork Chive Garlic Sausages£0.95 each (approx 100g)
Venison Sausages
Venison Sausages£1.26 each (approx 100g)
Pork Honey Mustard Sausages
Pork Honey Mustard Sausages£0.95 each (approx 100g)
Pork Salt Pepper Sausages
Pork Sausages£0.90 each (approx 100g)
New Back Bacon
Bacon Back Smoked£16.80 per kg
New Back Bacon
Bacon Back Unsmoked£16.80 per kg
Collar Bacon
Bacon Collar Smoked£14.70 per kg
Collar Bacon
Bacon Collar Unsmoked£14.70 per kg
Smoked Bacon Diced
Bacon Diced Smoked£7.88 per kg
Streaky Bacon
Bacon Streaky Smoked£12.60 per kg
Streaky Bacon
Bacon Streaky Unsmoked£12.60 per kg
Chicken Breast
Chicken BreastsFrom: £5.99 each
Chicken Carcass
Chicken Carcass£1.05 each
Chicken Hearts
Chicken Hearts£4.75 per kg
Chicken Leg
Chicken LegsFrom: £3.15 each
Chicken Wings
Chicken Wings (x6)£4.20 per 6 wings
Chicken Liver
Chicken Livers£5.78 per kg
Duck Breast
Duck BreastsFrom: £7.56 each
Duck Leg
Duck Legs£7.35 each (approx 500g)
Duck Wing
Duck Wings£1.10 each
Whole Partridge
Partridge£3.68 each
Diced Venison
Venison diced£15.75 per kg
Venison Haunch (2)
Venison haunchFrom: £59.85 each
Fresh Rabbit
Whole Fresh Rabbit£7.35 each
Whole Pheasant
Whole Pheasant£5.51 each