Whitstable Larder


Traditional, Vegetarian & Vegan Food

Whitstable Larder serves delicious Traditional Vegetarian and Vegan ‘Home Cooking’ with ingredients sourced from The Garden of England. Our great value lunches can be enjoyed in the convivial atmosphere of The Goods Shed Food Hall.

Daily menu

Our daily menu includes locally baked and filled English Breakfast Muffins; great value wholesome and delicious lunches and ready meals for you to enjoy at home or for your freezer.

Breakfast menu

  • Sausage Roll Classic or with Chutney
  • Locally Smoked Loch Duat Freedom Food Salmon with lemon & black pepper, Cream Cheese & watercress served in locally baked English Breakfast Muffin
  • Dry Cured Back Bacon served with chutney and watercress in an English Breakfast Muffin
  • Smoked Salmon (cold or hot, depending on availability) served with Scrambled Eggs and English Breakfast Muffin
  • Bacon & Egg served with ketchup on an English Breakfast Muffin
  • Ful Madame’s & Fried Egg served with English Breakfast Muffin or freshly baked bread (V)
  • Cream cheese with local watercress in English Breakfast Muffin (V)

If what you want is not on the menu, please ask as we may be able to meet your order

Main menu


  • Bread & Oil Quex Farm Cold Pressed Rapeseed Oil with Apple Balsamic Vinegar
  • Marinated fresh Goat’s Curd with ‘Slow Bread’
  • Fava Bean Hummus with ‘Slow Bread’ or Croutons
  • Soup of the day with bread & butter


  • Beef & Ale Stew Served with Creamy Mash & Herby Dumplings
  • Handmade Pie (Beef & Ale or Chicken & Tarragon) with Creamy Mash & Gravy
  • Cottage Pie Rich Beef Ragu topped with Creamy Mash & served with Seasonal Salads
  • Cold Chicken PieServed with Seasonal Salads, Slow Bread & Butter
  • Seasonal Tart or Gluten Free Seasonal Tartlet Served with Seasonal Salads, ‘Slow Bread’ & Butter
  • Kentish Land Girl Homity Pie Served with Seasonal Salads, ‘Slow Bread’ & butter
  • Scotch Egg Served with Seasonal Salads, ‘Slow Bread’ & Butter
  • Sausage Roll Served with Seasonal Salads, ‘Slow Bread’ & Butter
  • Falafal & Hummus Served with Seasonal Salads, ‘Slow Bread’ & Butter or Dipping Oil V/ Vg
  • Ful Madames Served with Seasonal Salads, ‘Slow Bread’ & Dipping Oil V/Vg

Puddings & Cakes

  • Richmond Maids
  • Chocolate Brownies
  • Granola Bars
  • Chocolate & Ginger (gf)
  • Bread & Butter Pudding
  • Sticky Toffee Pudding
  • Plate Piesfilled with seasonal fruit served with Cream/ Crème Fraiche or Custard

Take Away Menu

  • Soup of the Day Served with Croutons, ‘Slow Bread’ & Butter
  • Sausage Rolls Classic, with chutney, seasonal options using pork from locally reared free-range pigs
  • Scotch eggs using free-range eggs, local pork & a crust using locally baked ‘Slow Bread’ breadcrumbs to t/a or to eat in with handmade chutney & salad garnish
  • Beef, Black Pearl Oyster Stout & Mushroom Pie Made using locally reared beef
  • Free-range Chicken & Tarragon Piein a creamy filling with fresh herbs
  • Cottage Pie Made with a rich beef ragu topped with creamy mash
  • Seasonal Tarts Please ask for ingredients – all tarts contain fresh local ingredients as well as cream or crème Fraiche, free range eggs, cheddar & all have the local speciality Ashmore Farmhouse Cheese Topping
  • Kentish Land Girl Homity PieMade using locally grown potatoes & onions, cheddar cheese and topped with local Ashmore Farmhouse Cheese
  • Gluten Free Tartletswith various filling combinations including smoked salmon & beetroot/ spicy chili pumpkin with fresh curd cheese topping or other seasonal flavours
  • Pork Pies & Picnic PiesPlease ask for details
  • Vegetarian Pots: Fava Bean Hummus Served with various toppings FulMadames – Hodmedod’s Fava beans in a rich spicy tomato sauce
  • Marinated local goats curd cheeseAwarding winning Ellie’s Goat Curd cheese
  • Fava Bean spicy falafel Using British fava beans grown by Hodmedod’s in Norfolk
  • Seasonal salads of the day All Salads are made using as much locally grown ingredients as possible. The dressings are made using Quex Farm Cold Pressed British Rapeseed oil

Eat in for £5.50 – £7.00

Whitstable Larder excels in high quality traditional handmade food baked fresh daily at The Goods Shed in Canterbury. We serve tasty food to eat in, or take away. Whitstable Larder’s eat in meals are cost between £5.50 and £7.00 for a plate full of delicious handmade dishes with seasonal salad and bread.

Take Away Items less than £5.00 each

You can also try our delicious soups and take away individual items all for less than £5.00 each. * We think that this is great value for hand-made food using quality ingredients.

Vegetarian and Vegan Food

Whitstable Larder also specialises in healthy, nutritious vegetarian and vegan food. Our meat free options include our Seasonal Tarts and Kentish Land Girl Homity Pie all topped with fresh herbs and locally made Ashmore Cheese.

In addition we transform British grown beans and lentils and even quinoa into tasty versions of Middle Eastern dishes including our own hummus, herby falafels and spicy ful madams, as well as into our own vegetarian sausage rolls and scotch eggs. We are always developing and building on our range with seasonal variations our range of vegetarian snacks and dishes, all using locally sourced, fresh and seasonal ingredients where possible.

Wheat Free and Gluten Free Options

Also available are vibrant vegetarian, vegan and wheat free soups garnished with our own crunchy croutons or herbs for the gluten free. Choose an item from our chilled display and we will serve it with a selection of healthy, zesty and refreshing seasonal salads as well as with locally baked bread and English butter.

Traditional Handmade Food

Our meals include wholesome slow cooked stews, served with creamy mash and herb dumplings. Or why not try our Beef & local Ale or Chicken & Tarragon Pie with mash and real gravy? Or, why not drop in for afternoon tea or a pot of locally roasted coffee served with one of our delicious tray bakes or seasonal fruit cakes. We also make traditional puddings for your freezer for you to bake at home such as fruit crumbles, bread and butter pudding and gluten free sticky toffee pudding.


We have a range of drinks on offer to enjoy with your meal including our locally roasted & fair trade coffee, Kentish fruit juices, lemonade or ginger beer.

Find us at Farmers Markets Too!

Whitstable Larder can also be found at local Farmers Markets, including Whitstable Farmers Market where we started our business (the second and forth Saturdays of the month) as well as at The Best of Faversham (the first and third Saturdays of the month).

Local Suppliers

The emphasis is on great quality food using fresh ingredients sourced from our local suppliers wherever possible. We love the fresh fruit and vegetables available daily in The Goods Shed and use these ingredients to make fresh and seasonal tarts, soups and salads as well as sourcing from other stall holders and from farms in the surrounding countryside. Ingredients are also chosen from Whitstable, the North Kent Coast and the further reaches of Kent ‘The Garden of England’. Sometimes we source from further afield in the UK such as beans from Hodmedod’s in Norfolk.